Established in 1918, INFBPW was the first among women’s organizations to formally endorse the Equal Rights Amendment in 1937.


Established in 1918, INFBPW was the first among women’s organizations to formally endorse the Equal Rights Amendment in 1937. INFBPW has been legislatively active ever since. INFBPW supports all women through legislation, leadership, education and stewardship. As a member, you will have the opportunities to benefit and grow in all of these areas and network with our local and statewide organization membership. Membership is available in our local organizations or as a state member-at-large.


INFBPW Member-at-large: $50.00 per year

Local organizations set their own dues, which include $30.00 for the state organization for professional membership.

Post-secondary students are eligible for a discounted student membership, which includes $15.00 for the state federation plus local and district dues.

INFBPW New Member Form

 INFBPW Membership Brochure

Membership Update Form – For Local Treasurers


To promote and support women, personally, professionally, and politically.


Membership in INFBPW is open to all individuals who support the federation’s objectives, including persons enrolled in an accredited institution above the high school level.


Women who actively participate in INFBPW have opportunities for:

  • Leadership Experience and Growth
  • Career Development
  • Contacts and Networking
  • Political Skills and Awareness
  • Legislative Resources
  • Community Service
  • Involvement with the Indiana Women’s Education Foundation, Inc.
  • State Conventions & Conferences
  • Recognition of Personal and Business Achievement

and More…


  • To promote the interests of working women
  • To bring about a spirit of cooperation among working women in various federations throughout the United States
  • To extend opportunities to women through education

We are looking for bright and talented individuals who are enthusiastic in Our Vision: THE LEADING ADVOCATE FOR WOMEN

A INFBPW member gains the most from membership by making a commitment to:

  • Make every effort to know and put into practice the ideals, purposes and objectives of INFBPW.
  • Read and keep informed on Legislation in your community and state regarding women’s issues.
  • Heighten your awareness of the issues people face in achieving their goals.
  • Attend Fall Conference and State Convention to help grow your knowledge.
  • Help us help women by participating in the Indiana Women’s Education Foundation, Inc., the Reality Store®, and setting professional examples for young girls.
    Develop strategies for personal and career growth.
  • Help women returning to the workforce by mentoring and offering scholarships.
  • Be a part of the solution, and be an active MEMBER!
  • Bring your new ideas and innovations!


  1. Leadership Development Program
  2. Young Working Adult Program
  3. The Student Program
  4. Provide Scholarships through Indiana Women’s Education Foundation, Inc.
  5. Sponsor the Reality Store® in Indiana schools
  6. Sponsor Local Political Forums
  7. Sponsor Working Women’s Recognition Month
  8. Sponsor Women’s Health Fairs
  9. Advocate for Legislation
  10. Hoosier Business Women’s Magazine (HBW)

Our Mission

The mission statement of INFBPW is to promote and support women personally, professionally and politically… MORE

our objective & pledge

INFBPW objectives shall be: To elevate the standards for women in business and in the professions… MORE

Our legislative platform

The Equal Rights Amendment “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” MORE

Our heritage

The Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Clubs was the first national organization in the world created by and for business and professional women. MORE