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Message from INFBPW president


 Greetings INFBPW members and

prospective members,


     The year 1918, the place the Ann Fulton Cafeteria, New York, New York. In assembly were 100 representative women of the United States to consider the possibility of forming a group that was destined to be “not just another woman’s organization” but to be within a quarter of a century one of the strongest sources of unified woman power in the nation and here we are 103 years later!


     BPW is an organization that can mean different things to different people, but at its core, BPW is its mission – to achieve equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. All the BPW branding, BPW signature events and activities are anchored in the mission. Tonight, as we celebrate the closing of one Federation year and launch a new one, as we celebrate our heritage and our future, we reaffirm our focus on the mission. The call for the first national convention to be held in St. Louis in July 1919 was: “To arouse all Business and Professional Women to a feeling of their own solidarity and importance; to the realization that all Business and Professional Women, in their aims, their handicaps, and their limitations are one; to the conviction that all women throughout the world, in their ideas must be one; and only as we solve our own problems and make our most dynamic contribution to the group at large can we measure up to the challenge of this new day.”


     The “challenge of this new day” is to take the best of the past and build on it for a better tomorrow. The best of the future is before us. We eagerly anticipate our future, but it is not yet here. We must create our future by living in the present and giving our best efforts every day. Tonight, the promise of BPW’s legacy is in our hands. Tonight, we celebrate our heritage and our future.  I challenge you to re-dedicate your commitment to BPW. I challenge you to support the leaders that you have elected with your own best efforts. I challenge you to Make every Moment Count.

     My heart will forever be embedded with the love, guidance, and encouragement I received from Sue Willis, Barb Mofield and Jackie Woolard.  These ladies have instilled in me a drive and devotion for BPW and as I stand before you, I promise to do my upmost best to continue to build and serve Indiana BPW.  And then there’s Tina, Carolyn, and Dana, oh my I do not know what I would do without you three!  They are my go to’s, my get it done gals, my anything any time we’ll help you, but above all they have become my friends.  My life is truly blessed to have these lovely ladies in it.  I love and appreciate each of you.


     God has blessed me with three wonderful children:  Jared and his wife Alicia are the parents to the most awesome grandchildren Sean Allen and Sloane Elora and soon to be another little one to their family in May.  My daughter Katie and her husband Blake have graced me with two Grand dogs.  I have been beyond blessed when Dennis Carr entered our lives 20 years ago.  He is the best Grandad, Dad and Husband that a family could have, and I am so grateful for his love and support.  Many of you have heard me speak of my oldest son Timmy Lee, 31 years ago at 9:32 am he was taken from this earth in a hunting accident and time stood still for me.  Losing him has taught me to “Make every Moment Count”.

      Thank you for your confidence in me to serve as your State President, I look forward to the upcoming year. 

 With Love

 Janice Carr

 INFBPW State President