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Message from INFBPW president

Greetings INFBPW members and prospective members,

Thank you for your support and honor of serving as your 2018-19 INFBPW State President.  Since I became a member in 2000, I have attended District and State functions.  I believe it is important to meet together and learn new things and have time to just sit and talk.  To me, Fall Conference is just the time to engage with members we only get to see two or three times a year, it is usually a more relaxed time.

At Fall Conference we will have two leadership development modules,we will work on updating awards to make them more current for the times, maybe adding some, maybe just making more relevant for everyone.

My theme this year is “Celebrating Women” and my initiation was based on that and my speech.  Some of the women we celebrated were Beth Bowen, Alice Lee Roosevelt (a real character), Julia Ward Howe, Clara Barton, Hilary Atwood Knight and Susan B Anthony.  Most of these women had an active part in the Women’s Movement.  Beth Bowen was the Governor’s wife when Indiana became the 35th State to adopt the Equal Rights Amendment.

This year as we Celebrate Women and their accomplishments, let’s reach out and put aside our differences and work towards a common goal of promoting and advancing women’s roles in today’s society.

I hope to remind you of women in history and today who have or are doing things to promote women’s issues.  Let’s work this year to increase our membership and promote women to the forefront in all we do and say.  This year as we celebrate our organization’s 100th year, let’s celebrate women also.

Last year, Judy’s theme was “Every Woman Counts”. We need to work on making every member count and encourage them to grow:  personally, professionally and politically!

Claudia R Thornburg
INFBPW 2018-2019 State President

INFBPW is a group committed to helping the women and youth in our communities.

We support equal pay for similar jobs. We have informative programs at our Local meetings.  We sponsor Reality Stores (SM) in our schools to promote financial literacy among our students.  Our Locals give scholarships to graduating seniors.  IWEF, our state foundation, gives scholarships to women who are returning to school to  further their education.