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Message from INFBPW president


 Greetings INFBPW members and

prospective members,

 Hello current and Future Members


While sitting here thinking of my time in INFBPW I can’t help but think of back in 2015 when Barb Mofield came to me and said, ” I have an opportunity for you.”  This was always her way of getting me to go with her to an event or help with something she was working on.  Never did I think that that opportunity would lead me to where I am today!  I have many wonderful ladies to thank for helping get to where I am today.  

But first a little about me.  I have been married to wonderful husband Ralph for 21 years.  We have 3 wonderful daughters Angel, Amanda, And Amber.  And 2 grandchildren Aniah and Johnathan.  I have worked for Girl Scouts of Central Indiana for many years.  I love to spend time with my family and go to my grandkids sporting events- this keeps me very busy. 

 Now back to my life within BPW.  I would have never imagined that while attending my first Fall Conference, that just a few years later I would be writing a letter from the president addressing all of my wonderful friends and sisters.  I am truly honored that you all have chosen me to be your president.  I am looking forward to seeing what all we can Accomplish as a group to grow our sisterhood.  

 Sincerely Yours

Dana Jones PSP

 INFBPW State President