INFBPW offers the following awards:


  • Working Women’s Recognition Month
    Certificate awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be presented at State Convention based upon effectiveness of WORKING WOMEN’S RECOGNITION MONTH activities. MORE
  • CHOICES Award Program
    The CHOICES Award program was created to help promote the CHOICES program at the Local and/or District levels. All LO’s and Districts are eligible and encouraged to participate in the award. The programs covered by the CHOICES “umbrella” include but are not limited to: Elementary CHOICES, Etiquette Workshops for Middle School Girls, the Girl Scout Patch Program, Reality Stores®, Mother/Daughter Program, Nike Club, Samothrace Club, and Women in Transition. MORE
  • The Onda Harris Membership Retention Awards
    The Onda Harris Awards were designed to award locals who maintain current members each year. MORE
  • + Five Membership
    Awarded to groups with Five (or more) new members that have been recruited from April 1st through March 1st to our local organization.  MORE
  • Helen Blaker Memorial Awards
    The Helen Blaker Awards were designed to commemorate the interests of Helen Blaker, 1972-73 State President, in promoting membership growth and attracting new members under the age of 30. MORE
  • Jennie Scott Award
    This award has been established to recognize an INFBPW member who has made the greatest contribution toward the objectives of our Federation in her own local organization and in INFBPW during the year of competition. MORE
  • INFBPW Mentor Award This award has been established to recognize an INFBPW/Indiana member who has been an outstanding Mentor and role model in our organization. More
  • New Member Award
    New members recruited from April 1 through March 15 to our federation. MORE
  • Ring the Bell Award
    Is a Certificate award presented to the Local Organization with the highest percentage increase in membership year over year. MORE
  • Miriam Sturgeon Award for Club Excellence
    Award for membership, representation, contributions and participation excellence. MORE
  • Outstanding Media Coverage Award
    Award for outstanding media coverage promoting your club. MORE
  • Outstanding Newsletter Award
    Criteria includes: professionalism of layout, contents should include local, district, and state information, important national news, focus issue, calendar of events, etc. MORE
  • Woman of Achievement Award
    This is for a woman who has done the most with financial distress, emotional trauma, illness or injury, poor environment, lack of education, etc. She had grown personally and professionally by her striving to improve herself. MORE