student program guidelines

Student Program participants will each prepare a current resume and cover letter as if they were applying for an entry level position in their field of study.

student program guidelines

Student-Program Application Form (pdf)

Eligibility Criteria

  • All Student Program (SP) participants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the INFBPW State Competition:
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 24, inclusive, by September 30 in the year of participation.
  • Be enrolled in an accredited college or university
  • An SP participant must understand the INFBPW mission statement and legislative platform and must pledge that she/he will not speak against the platform issues in her/his capacity as a Student Program participant.
  • Be the officially-designated Student Program representative from her/his Local, meeting INFBPW Student Program guidelines. Ensure that her/his completed and signed application form; signed INFBPW legislative platform support statement; résumé and cover letter; 5x7 photo; and $75 participation fee, paid by her/his District/Local, are sent to the INFBPW State Office immediately upon selection of candidate but not later than October 1

Guidelines for Districts and Local Organizations

Each Local may choose up to ONE SP candidate to advance to INFBPW State competition. Each Local is responsible for all State costs for their candidate. Local Organizations are encouraged to help their SP candidates prepare for State competition by mentoring them through the application process, teaching them about INFBPW, and practicing what they will encounter in the State program. Examples of mentoring include but are not limited to reviewing the candidate’s application, resume and cover letter, holding practice interviews, and providing the opportunity for the candidate to introduce himself/herself to the LO using the Judging Guidelines listed below.

Selection of Judges

A minimum of three (3) impartial judges must be present at all competitive events. Judges should be familiar with the INFBPW mission statement and legislative platform. At least one (1) judge should be an experienced BPW member to adequately assess the Student Program participants’ knowledge of INFBPW issues. To maintain impartiality, the experienced BPW member judge should not be a member of the same Local Organization as any of the SP participants. Judges should be familiar with interviewing and presentation/public speaking. All judges should be briefed on INFBPW in advance.


Judging Guidelines

Resume and Cover Letter – Maximum 20 points

Student Program participants will each prepare a current resume and cover letter as if they were applying for an entry level position in their field of study. Judges will use the following criteria to score the resume and cover letter:

Criteria Points Examples



Uniformity of statements, spelling, verb agreement



Focus, creativity, positivity



Word choices, ease of understanding



Easy to scan, pleasing to the eye, logical flow

Three-Minute Introduction – Maximum 15 points

Each SP participant will introduce herself, providing background information, educational details, and goals. Timing begins when the SP participant begins speaking. The designated timer will stand at 45 seconds and then sit, and stand again at 1 minute and remain standing. Speeches 11 seconds or more over or under the 3 minutes receive a 3point deduction.

Criteria Points Examples
Content/Topic  1-5 Good opening, knowledge of subject, creativity
Poise/Self-Confidence 1-5 Confident, relaxed manner, voice, posture
Expression 1-5 Facial expression, gestures, eye contact


Panel Interview – Maximum 20 points

Each SP participant will be interviewed for a minimum of ten (10) to amaximum of fifteen (15)minutes. The focus of the interview will be on the SP participant: careergoals; education; work life/family balance; achievements; etc. The goal of the interview is to see how the SP candidate interacts and responds to impromptu questions. Judges will use the following criteria to score the interview:

Criteria Points
Ability to Communicate 1-5
Poise/Self Confidence 1-5
Innovation and Creativity in Ideas 1-5
Sincerity/Genuineness 1-5

    Application Form / Biographical Information – Maximum 15 points

    Each SP Representative will provide biographical information highlighting her/his personal and professional accomplishments, her/his goals, and responding to the essay questions. Judges will use the following criteria to score the application form / biographical information:

    Criteria Points
    Personal and Scholastic Accomplishments 1-5
    Career Goals 1-5
    Ability to Express Thoughts and Beliefs 1-5

    Group Interaction- Maximum 10 points

    SP candidates will participate in a group interaction opportunity. Evaluation will be based on the candidates’ ability to participate, interact with others, and express her/his thoughts and ideas.

    Crieria Points
    Participation/Interaction with Others 1-5
    Organization of Thought/Expression of Ideas 1-5


    Immediately after each candidate is selected but not later than October 1, each Local is responsible for sending the following information to the INFBPW State organization, so that their candidate may be eligible for State competition:

    • Completed and signed SP Program Application Form
    • Typed copy of resume and cover letter
    • Photo (maximum size 5 X 7)
    • $75 State SP Program participation fee
    • Student-Program Application Form (pdf)